I have watched Peace change immensely over the last 13 years I have been a student. Buildings have been erected, walkways constructed and gardens planted, yet somehow Peace, in its essence, has remained the same extraordinary place. I am infinitely grateful to my parents for enrolling me at the College to start school in 2005. In my time, I have made many lifelong friends and been presented with so many opportunities. Peace has continually been the largest part of my life. Graduating felt surreal, letting go of not only classmates and beloved teachers but also the atmosphere of Peace itself. The tight-knit and friendly environment allowed me to know well everyone in my grade as well as grades above and below me. It was something so essential for success in my studies and something so difficult to say goodbye to. Thank you Peace for everything.
News & Events
Peace Performing Arts Centre Opens to Applause
Peace Lutheran College's Peace Performing Arts Centre has showcased its very first recording artists with Year 8 student, Dean Brady singing "Hallelujah" and Year 9 student, Holly Cummings performing her original composition, "Jealousy". This state-of-the-art building boasts boutique performance space with the latest AV and lighting, recording studio, seven practice rooms and two customised music-teaching spaces. The performing arts centre is a wonderful addition to our College facilities and will be well utilised by our Arts students and their teachers.
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Playground Pursuits Good for the Brain
A self-pumping river stream; climbing wall; suspension bridge; playground climbers; slides and platforms are the latest in exciting and challenging components of Peace Lutheran College's Prep playground, specifically designed for engaging and enhancing gross motor skills and physical activity.
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Classrooms of the future, here today.
Staying true to its progressive approach to its teaching practices, Peace Lutheran College’s ingenuity has seen the College redesign several classrooms, outside the typical learning environment, to enhance student learning through better engagement, and align with their ‘innovative education’ position.
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