I am infinitely grateful to my parents for enrolling me at the College to start my first year of school. In my time, I have made many lifelong friends and been presented with so many opportunities. Peace has continually been the largest part of my life. Thank you Peace for everything.
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Taking the Stress Out of Testing
Exams. For most, the mere mention conjures images of intimidating rooms with desks laid out in daunting rows, memories of stern-looking invigilators, and breaking out in cold sweats. And this is just amongst those of us who have finished school, we who never again need sit writing frantically as the clock ticks.
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Reducing student exam stress
Our Head of Mathematics, Nick Brooking, has been investigating coping strategies to reduce exam anxiety in his students, who will be the first to experience the new external examinations. Nick was asked by Teacher Magazine to write about his strategies and the positive impact they have had on his students. One of those strategies included putting a Post-It note with a message of encouragement on each students' exam paper.
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Peace Students Take To The CIAF Runway
Peace students Kyle and Kenny represent their Pormpuraaw community on the fashion runaway at this year's CIAF fashion show.
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