About Peace

Peace Lutheran College is recognised for its vision to be "at the forefront of innovative education" and is known for its culture of inclusiveness, where everybody is somebody.

A Prep to Year 12 Christian, co-educational day and boarding school, our student body is one of diversity, embodying community, and for this reason is affectionately referred to as 'Peace' by its College families and local community.

Peace is very diverse. Instead of isolating people who might be different, we are inclusive and accepting. We care about each other and each person is supported to be their best, in their own way.

Why Peace Lutheran College?

At Peace we understand each child is different and they won't necessarily develop in the same way or at the same rate as another. It is for this reason we treat each child's progress as a unique journey, working with them every step of the way to reach their full potential.

Through collaborative learning groups and a focus on individual learning, we are able to ensure your child is receiving the attention that will see them grow and be successful learners.

Our dedicated teaching and pastoral care team will be on your child's learning journey with them, providing them with a complete education - academically, socially and spiritually - providing them the skills they need to be successful in life.

  • Solid foundations for future success through respecting individual learning, embracing and encouraging every child's unique skill set, developing the whole person.
  • Fostering a culture of inclusiveness by embracing the diversity of our multicultural fabric, offering an environment where every student feels valued.
  • Empowering tomorrow's leaders today through the introduction of dynamic learning environments, specifically designed to accommodate individual learning styles, integrate digital technologies, and promote collaborative learning, all of which ready our students for the world of tomorrow.

Peace Lutheran College embraces and actively promotes its core values of care and respect.

Our Philosophy and Aim

Peace Lutheran College provides a holistic and equitable learning experience in a caring and safe environment. Our curriculum and pastoral care programs enable students to become confident and creative individuals who set themselves high expectations and develop a deeper understanding of their purpose in the world. Students are encouraged to see themselves and others through the loving eyes of God and to act with grace, harmony and respect for all. The values of Peace, Excellence, Respect and Community are integrated into all that we do at the College and students are supported to become lifelong learners who are active and informed members of their community.

What is the Peace difference?

Solid foundations for future success

Experience has shown us, when a child is surrounded by nurture, respected for who they are, and made to feel important, known and valued, they will have solid foundations, grounding them for future success.

Fostering a culture of inclusiveness

Achieved through supporting and encouraging every child's unique skill set, developing the whole person, taking into account your child's academic, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

A vision realised

At the forefront of innovative education, empowering tomorrow's leaders, today - we have seen this vision develop and our students prosper through the introduction of classrooms of the future, designed around flexible learning properties, creating a lively and dynamic learning space. This connected learning approach empowers our students by allowing them to identify the learning environment that suits the way they learn best.

Our son’s confidence has improved 1000% since changing to Peace Lutheran College. He enjoys going to school, has been supported in his achievements, and is developed where he has needs. He comes home happy and proud of himself, and has made many new friends. We couldn’t be happier with the way that the school has welcomed him and continues to make him feel part of their friendly and respectful culture.

At Peace Lutheran College we value Peace, Excellence, Respect and Community through encouraging grace and harmony, setting high expectations, valuing all and building positive relationships.

You are invited to visit and see first-hand how our values make our school great.

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Peace Lutheran College is constantly acknowledged for its peaceful, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Located in Kamerunga, a suburb of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Peace Lutheran College is nestled in the picturesque hills between Redlynch and Lake Placid on the Barron River, only 15 minutes west of the Cairns CBD.