2018 Student Leadership Team

College Captains

Carly Aylett and David Haasbroek

College Vice Captains

Jessica Parker and Colin Yu

Middle School Captains

Jennifer Unsworth and Bradley Connors

Middle School Vice Captains

Aisis Eyre and Levi Cutler

Sports House Captains

Gold Dingoes

Isabella Rudani and Jonathan Vere

Blue Dolphins

Sage Culliton and Jackson Tiltins

Green Eagles

Alisha Vanrietvelde and Taj Rowland

Red Emperors

Emily lePoidevin and Lachlan MacLaren

Junior School Captains

Gold Dingoes

Emily Yagawa and Charlie Wood, and Sienna McKinlay (SRC Rep)

Blue Dolphins

Kirra White and Kody Bell, and Addicyn Hoare (SRC Rep)

Green Eagles

Mia Howarth and Louis Duggan, and Taya Honey Dare (SRC Rep)

Red Emperors

Alyviah Allen and Joel Batholomeusz, and Tenon Penklis (SRC Rep)