Junior School

'Hello' from Sarah Rowan, Head of Junior School

"At Peace we believe every child is exceptional and each will develop differently - not necessarily in the same way or at the same rate as another.

And for this reason we see your child's progress as being a unique journey, with their efforts being encouraged and even the smallest achievements being celebrated."

Junior School at Peace Lutheran College comprises of Prep to Year 5. These vital developmental years establish strong foundations for your child's learning journey.

As parents move through this next stage with their child, it is important to relax and lean into the experience. Building a relationship with your child's school and teachers is a wonderful way to share in the journey and support each other.

A child who is surrounded by nurture, respected for their individual learning and made to feel important, known and valued, will have solid foundations for future success.

It is this respect and individual attention that sets Peace Lutheran College apart - a school with a big focus on making sure everybody is somebody special.

Mrs Sarah Rowan
Head of Junior School

Would you like to contact the Head of Junior School?
Mrs Rowan can be contacted by phoning 07 4039 9000 or via email, srowan@plc.qld.edu.au.

We chose Peace Lutheran College because of its reputation in the community and because it is a smaller school which we felt would greatly benefit our children. We feel our children are encouraged and given every opportunity to extend their learning. Both children are extremely happy and have formed wonderful friendships with not only their peers, but teachers as well. Peace has a very loving environment and really cares about all the children. We would highly recommend Peace to any family looking.

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The Prep Year

The first formal year of school should always be an exciting start to your child’s learning journey.

Your child will only start Prep once. We understand how vitally important it is to give them a positive start to school.

What is special about Prep at Peace?

  • Two classes with a maximum of 25 students per class
  • A Teacher and a Teacher Assistant in each class
  • Specialist lessons in Japanese, Health & Physical Education, The Arts
  • Access to the College's high school facilities – Science laboratories, Hospitality Centre, Technology & Design, Performing Arts Centre

At Peace we focus on teaching the whole child, complementing academics through the development of each child’s spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs.

Our Preparing My Child for Prep booklet is full of great ideas to help you get your little one ready for their first year of school.

We are now taking applications for Prep for the new school year. With a maximum of only 50 places, we encourage you to apply now to avoid disappointment.

I honestly could not have hoped or dreamed of an easier start for our son. He is happy, confident and comfortable in his classroom. I think this was due to the induction which made for an easy transition. I just know that we've made the right decision in choosing Peace.

At Peace Lutheran College we value Peace, Excellence, Respect and Community through encouraging grace and harmony, setting high expectations, valuing all and building positive relationships.

Not sure what year your child will be eligible to start Prep? The Entry Year Calculator below will calculate your child's eligible commencement year for Prep.

Prep Entry Year Calculator

With a maximum of only 50 places in the Prep year, we encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment.

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Learning in Prep

An academically significant year with the foundations for all subject areas being established, particularly Literacy and Numeracy. From the start of the year Prep students will:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Learn phonics
  • Learn the early stages of mathematical concepts

Learning in Prep takes place through appropriate, hands-on experiences with the intention of creating investigators of the future.

Keeping it Fun

Students are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities of their learning potential, whilst being supported to think for themselves.

Learning is kept relevant and fun, as well as challenging, shaping students to be active contributors and participators in their community and the professional world in which they will enter.

The Junior School years

These years pave the way, cultivating active and interested learners.

Our Prep to Year 5 Junior School years establish strong foundations, equipping your child for their learning journey. Endorsing Lutheran Education Australia’s established Life-long Qualities for Learners, Peace students are encouraged to be:

  • Self-directed, insightful investigators and learners
  • Resourceful problem solvers and implementers
  • Creative producers and contributors
  • Open and responsive communicators and facilitators
  • Resilient leaders and collaborators
  • Caring and steadfast supporters and advocates

Care & Respect

Embracing mutual respect for the beliefs of our multicultural school and its Christian ethos, this principle is supported by a social/emotional program - “Program Achieve – You Can Do It” - teaching children skills that contribute to their happiness through five foundational skills:

  1. Confidence
  2. Persistence
  3. Organisation
  4. Getting along
  5. Emotional resilience

The culture of the Peace community is inclusive and caring, where each student is known, and teachers and staff are approachable and friendly.

What is different about Junior School at Peace?

  • Dynamic learning centres with all classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, iPads, and laptops
  • Flexible learning environments with many classrooms designed to incorporate stadium and/or booth seating, bean bags, whiteboard table tops, and interactive resources
  • Sporting, cultural and special interest activities
  • Access to the College's high school facilities – Science laboratories, Hospitality Centre, Technology & Design, Performing Arts Centre
  • Refrigerators and lockers in every classroom

Limited places are currently available in specific year levels. Contact our Enrolments Officer to discuss your child's enrolment needs.

My children have been attending Peace Lutheran College since their first day of Prep. The teachers have been consistently kind, caring, friendly, approachable and professional. I chose Peace because as the name suggests, it is peaceful. I have found the College focuses on the child's spiritual well-being as well as their academic education. Olivia is both happy and proud of her school. All children are greeted by their first name by staff which I appreciate. The College is connected with the children, their parents and the community. I feel PLC's holistic approach to education is benefiting my children.

You are invited to visit and discover for yourself why Peace is the school of choice for so many families.

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Flexible Learning

Peace Lutheran College’s education model is a progressive approach to learning, adopting modern-day education transformations.

This environment represents an energetic, flexible and stimulating learning space, assisting teachers to promote collaboration and enquiry, engaging students to ask questions, think critically and problem solve.

What is the aim of flexible learning?

To connect classroom learning to real life, better preparing students for their future after school.

What is different about flexible learning?

  • The classrooms – flexible, open spaces allowing students to work in different areas, stand at tables, sit in booths, or on the floor, whichever suits their learning style.
  • The delivery – staff being able to team-teach makes for enjoyable and effective student learning, allowing teachers to more effectively target student needs and guiding them as they discover through directed learning.
  • The learning environment – offers students the ability to group themselves to suit their learning needs.
  • Resources - integrated digital technologies, iPads, laptops, and whiteboard table tops for recording learning ideas, and BYOD program (optional) in Year 5, enabling students to choose the device that best suits their needs.

What stays the same?

  • The curriculum… the teaching requirements do not change – it is HOW our students learn that is changing.

What is the BIG difference?

The learning! Supported by the latest technology and modern teaching practices, we have seen an increase in student engagement and motivation, which has a major influence on learning outcomes.

The Flexible Learning Centres at Peace have excited us as a family, but more importantly, the independent and flexible choices available to our son are having a positive impact on his confidence, curiosity and social skills.

See our dynamic classrooms with their flexible learning spaces in action by taking a personal tour of our school.

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Aligned with the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Authority syllabus, the Peace Lutheran College curriculum is based on sound educational theory and practice and also evaluates and responds critically to current educational trends.

It is engaging and relevant, cultivating a desire for each child to work towards reaching their full potential.

We focus on core subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities

We offer specialist lessons

  • Japanese
  • The Arts
  • Health & Physical Education

We offer a 'Venturing' Program

Our Junior School 'Venturing' program offers students access to specialist Senior School facilities on a rotational basis. Some areas may include:

  • Science laboratories
  • Manual Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Music and Performing Arts Centre
  • Hospitality Centre

Caring for our families

Building a relationship with your child's school and teachers helps to form strong partnerships between home and school.

At Peace we encourage you to become involved in your child's education whether it be by attending assemblies, chapel or one of the several events held through the year, or by volunteering in your child's classroom.

Our Junior School community is further strengthened by our Class Carers - a wonderful group of parents who plan social events and support current and new families to our school.

Waiting lists apply in some year levels. Early application is encouraged to avoid disappointment.

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