Offsite Learning

Leading the way

Through our Learning Management System, Peace Lutheran College has developed a comprehensive offsite learning program underpinned by proven systems for managing student learning in a way that provides continuity for when they cannot physically be inside the classroom.

The College strives to always be at the forefront of innovative education, and that is not just in the classroom, but in all its operations, and as a result of this commitment we are able to confidently support our students and their families with quality systems and technology, when they need it the most.

This investment saw Peace Lutheran College lead the way in preparedness when faced with the inevitable closure of the school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are with you

With the systems and technology already in place, our teachers and staff were able to prepare and focus on a way forward, walking alongside our students and their families enabling us to all move through the Coronavirus-impacted school closure with confidence, reassuring parents that all areas of their child's education, from an academic and pastoral care perspective, had been well thought out and prepared for.

The welfare and learning of our students are of paramount importance and were a major focus in the development of our offsite learning model.

As a parent, the past few weeks have been difficult for many of us. I would just like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the Administration and staff of the College. I have been so impressed with teachers communication, as well as all the extra work going on behind the scenes. Communication is vital at anytime, but now more than ever. Thank you for the updates. Thank you for reassuring our children by showing up to work everyday and teaching our kids. Thank you for sharing positive posts on your Facebook page. You are doing amazing and I just wanted to send a little bit of encouragement back!
We are blessed to have such amazing teachers who do their absolute best to keep us up to date with all the work we have to do.

Times of adversity can be our best teachers

Just one of the reasons families choose Peace is for our commitment to equip every child with the skills they need to be successful in life. Ironically, it is this very skill that had a large role to play in assisting our students through a time of remote learning, providing a sense of resilience in a time of uncertainty.

Peace Lutheran College is committed to empowering tomorrow's leaders, today - our students are encouraged to be self-managers.

A parent's point of view

We surveyed our families about their remote learning experience with the College, and the results were overwhelming positive.

The school has been exemplary! The Parent Portal and Student Cafe have kept us informed and made communicating with staff so easy. I cannot speak highly enough of how well I feel online schooling has been.
My children have shown a growth in maturity because they have had to be responsible and accountable to get to each zoom lesson and complete activities.
Our children have found the learning very good. They are very grateful to their teachers for providing as much contact, information and support as they do.
The teachers are very supportive.
I have noticed increased levels of responsibility in ensuring being online on time, getting the work done and submitted."

Learning, growing and next steps

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen us journey through uncharted waters, teaching and learning in a whole new way. As a result, the College is now prepared, and able to continue to effectively provide its learning offering through any future disruptions that may arise.

We would like to congratulate all your hardworking staff for a job well done during these trying times. All the hard work which has gone into a whole new way of teaching our children should be acknowledged, so, thank you to all the staff who are making this as seamless as possible.

Our Learning Management System

The Peace Parent Portal for Parents and Carers

The Parent Portal provides you with a detailed overview of your child's homework and activities set by teachers, as well as due dates and if tasks have been completed and on time. Information on tasks and any relevant notes distributed by your child's teacher will be posted on the Portal.

Student Cafe for Students

The Student Cafe is the central reference point for all learning activities that students are expected to undertake. This is used by teachers to communicate directly with their students. All notices, lessons, learning materials, tasks and activities, general information and private links to access Zoom lessons are available for students to access remotely via the Student Cafe.